ETNOMIR is a model of the globe in miniature . Ethnomir helps to make the other person to experience the people, country, culture - using way of life, home, craft, cuisine. Here you can live in the Ukrainian hut, Belarusian hut, Khakas Yurt, Nepalese or Russian houses, try on traditional clothing, learn crafts, try traditional cuisine.
Our main idea - the Friendship of peoples.

Goals and objectives:
1) Introduction to world culture through architecture, customs and way of life, folklore and mythology, cuisine and crafts.
2) Presentation of economic, cultural, tourist and industrial potentials of the Russian regions.
3) The Establishment and operation of museums, exhibitions, fairs of folk crafts.
4) Create a center for innovative education and modern educational technologies on the basis of a practice-oriented approach.
5) Establishment of the center for social entrepreneurship development.
6) Create a center for the development of environmental technologies.

The tour program on April 23, 2017:

1. Meeting with bread and salt, the custodians of the cultures of the Park

2. One big sightseeing tour (envelop Slavic pavilions, traditions and way of life of the Slavs-ethnic yard of the Russian stove Russian hut)

3. Lunch in cafe "the Refectory"

4. Master – class "Creation of bread"

Prepare browned loaf with their hands

All peoples of the world respect for bread, but most of all he always appreciated here in Russia. "Bread is a head", "Without bread and water bad to live," "this Is the bread - and lunch", today the tradition of respect for bread we are reminded of the Russian proverb.

Therefore, baking is like art. Want to experience the aroma of freshly baked bread? Welcome to ETNOMIR on a master class in baking!

Our masters will reveal the secrets of cooking and baking bread. Under their able guidance, every participant will sformat the world's most beautiful loaf in an hour and get your hot hearth bread from the oven.

5.Master-class "Home and family-dolls"

It turns out that the role of the little rag dolls in the lives of ordinary Russian people is unusually large! Why the need for a guardian, Bunny-on-finger, ash doll, lovebirds? Why dolls don't make eyes and why in their production process does not use scissors? Choose a talisman that you most want to do, and do it with their hands under the fascinating stories of the Keeper of folk traditions!

Price on request

Includes meeting, a tour of the Russian compound, the Museum complex of the Russian stove, master classes : "creation of bread" and "doll –wards"

Additionally, you can enjoy the entertainment program "journey along the Russian calendar" for 350 rubles per person for a group of 40 people.